Weekly Newsletter 19.06.20

A Message from Mrs Atkins

Dear Parents and Children,

We hope you are all well, staff are enjoying zoom sessions and seeing you all working so hard with your Google Classroom work.

It was great to hear the Education Secretary praise the private sector for the provision they have provided for their pupils during Covid19. We have certainly found this new way of working the next best thing to actually being in the classroom. I only have praise for our teachers and children and of course for you, as parents, supporting children’s learning.

We are keen to add interest to our curriculum so please don’t forget the science competitions you will find in Google Classroom to try out. Lots of our children have also joined in the Wilson Stuart Sports Partnership PE Challenges and we are doing really well on the leader boards - congratulations Shrubbery!

If we can do well in the cricket challenge they have set for next week we have a chance of winning cricket equipment for the school so please sign up, have some fun, score some points and let’s go for it! Children in school will be able to take part with their classes.

Next week the Youth Sports Trust, in association with Sky Sports, is also hosting National School Sport Week to replace traditional school sports days. Please sign up at www.youthsporttrust.org/nssw where you will find all the resources you need. The whole family can take part.

On that note, we propose to introduce Years 4 and 5 in smaller groups back in to school over the next weeks so please look out for emails over the next few days. Social distancing and staggered drop offs, breaks and pick up times and much smaller classes have made this possible.

Please continue to join assembly on a Monday and Friday so I can see your smiling faces, hopefully we will all be back together as a school soon.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Atkins

Happy Birthday!

Katie (Y3)

Superstars of the Week

Merit Winners are :

Myla & Renly (Nursery)

Anna & Aryan (Reception)

Alannah & Bobby-Boy (Y1)

Orlah-Rose & Paynton (Y2)

Isla & Vikran (Y3)

Joshua & Oliver (Y4)

Isabel P & Rio (Y5)

Alfie & Hermoine (Y6)

Zico (Mrs Hodgetts)

Key Workers

The children in the key worker group have been busy getting creative. What a fantastic collage of their work!

Miss Smith


In nursery this week continuing to focus on our story Handa's Surprise we have been learning about healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. I asked the children where fruit and vegetables came from? Erin suggested that “Oranges grow in a tree, strawberries grow in bushes and potatoes grow in the ground”.

We went to see for ourselves and walked across the field to the school allotment. We saw strawberries, beans and what are these purple things??? Erin asked “Are they aubergines?”

If any of the nursery children know the answer perhaps you could message me on Google Classroom. Have any of you been growing any fruit and vegetables in your garden?

Betsy and Roxanne told us about sweetcorn, radishes and carrots growing in their garden. “Mummy put seeds in the soil, then she covered them up and then she watered them. They started growing every day!” “Healthy foods help us grow and have lots of energy” explained Roxanne. Erin went on to say “I get my fruit from shops, from Asda sometimes.”

Don't forget to share your activities with us here in school! Take care to you all.

Mrs England

Year 1 Blog

"Mrs Whelan made a quiz of our baby pictures and we had to guess which baby is which. It was really good and fun." Lara

" Manav was the easiest baby to guess."

Year 1 have had another super, hard-working week. We have gone from 2 to 3 zoom lessons a day and the children have really embraced this. Unfortunately for those children in school, the week has ended up being very wet which has meant some indoor playtimes but we have been getting rid of lots of energy with some silly songs and dances - 'Banana, banana, meatball' is definitely a firm favourite at the moment!

We have started an exciting part of our topic and are busy designing our memory boxes and thinking of the things we want to put in them. This is something that Year 1 children do every year, but I think there might be some unique things going in this year to remind the children about lockdown! Watch this space because we will be sharing some photos of them with you later on in the term.

A big thank you to those parents at home who are working hard to support the children's home learning - it's not easy juggling everything, but I hope that you are finding the zoom lessons are helping to provide some more structured learning for your child. It's lovely to see the children participating so enthusiastically.

Mrs Whelan

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Year 2 Blog

Our topic lessons this week have been linked to Plants. We’ve learnt about the parts that make up a plant, the importance of these parts and what they do to keep the plant alive and we’ve identified plants in our local environments. We’ve even begun the process of pressing our own flowers, work included from Payton and Nicholas.

In literacy we’ve been using language play and repetition to write a poem in the style of Spike Milligan’s ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’, we’ve had great fun saying tongue twisters this week and developed an interest in ‘nonsense’ poems, examples from Hattie, Theo and Georgina.

In the afternoons each day we have a few minutes to listen to ‘The Folk of The Faraway Tree’ which I read to the children, it’s a recent version with beautifully vibrant colour pictures to look at. The children were amazed to find out that the very first version of this book was produced in 1946 but our version was published in 2017.

Miss Rankin

Year 3 Blog

Year 3 have had fun learning about capacity in Maths lessons this week. Amazing to see so much creativity in the work they are submitting! They shared their 'lockdown survival drinks' and the measures they used. They also went on to write/film instructions on making their fantastic mocktails/smoothies!

Mrs Rao

Year 4 Form Time

Year 4 Form Time

Year 4 Topic

Year 4 were set a task this week to design a title page for our 1066 topic, including the names of the four claimants to the throne, adding other images as they thought best. Here are a couple of examples from Anna and Isabelle W.

Mrs Hodgetts

Isabelle W.pdf

Year 4 Book Review

Haadi - Book Review.pdf


Year 4 Blog

This week has been awesome we have done so many interesting things.

In Mathematics we recapped are work from last week on decimals this was enjoyable.

In English we covered fables, fables are a short story with a moral at the end of each story. We also did a book review and I chose Beast of Buckingham Palace by David Walliams and The Taylor Turbo Chaser by David Baddiel I also enjoyed this.

In topic we started to learn about 1066 the most famous year in British history! If you didn’t know it was the battle of Hastings where 4 rivals were all fighting for the throne of England. There was Harald Hardrada, Edgar the Atheling, William Duke of Normandy and Harold Godwinson.

By Sophia

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Year 6 Blog

by Ruby

Isobel T.docx

Can you join the dots ?

Did you enjoy the colouring last week. Don't forget to send your pictures back to us to show everyone else.

Flaming Hot.docx

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