Weekly Newsletter 26.06.20

A Message from Mrs Atkins

Dear Parents and Children,

Thank you to the group of our lovely Year 5 children for their cheerfulness and resilience returning to school this week. The teachers were ready to support you and keep you feeling safe and happy but you just made the days wonderful with your smiles and chatter.

We are also excited to be welcoming a small Year 4 group from Monday onwards and look forward to the day when we can all return to being one Shrubbery School.

Please look on Google Classroom for links to resources that will help your child get ready to return to school and rest assured that we have plans in school to ensure that the transition back to normality is discussed with the children and any anxieties allayed.

Thank you for your support with keeping to our social distancing routes in school and for emphasising the need for hand hygiene with children.

It has certainly been very hot this week and ask that children coming into school have sun-hats and plenty of water with them. We hope you are remembering your sun safe rules at home too, there is a link below in the newsletter for you to look at.

Please don’t forget the weekly sports challenges where we compete against other schools in the area. The information for registering, if you haven’t already, is in your Google Classroom.

We had some excellent news this week , we received our official confirmation of our Gold Games Award due to the hard work of Mr Griffin and all the enthusiastic sports people in school – congratulations Mr G and children!

Have a good weekend and once again thank you for your kind messages of support.

Mrs Atkins.

SS recognition certificate.pdf

Happy Birthday!

Isobel T (Y6)

Superstars of the Week

Merit Winners are :

Ankita (Nursery)

James, Jared & Sophia (Reception)

Amelle & Rohan (Y1)

Rayan & Savan (Y2)

Bethel & Samarth (Y3)

Anna & Zara (Y4)

Alfie (Y5)

Abbie & Isobel (Y6)

Paynton (Mrs Hodgetts)


A big welcome back this week to Renly and Sidney and a warm welcome to Laya. Also a big thank you to Ayla, Aarav and Vaishi for sharing your activities with us by sending your lovely photos and messages.

This week in the nursery we have enjoyed playing in our role play Fruit and Vegetable shop.

Mrs England

Year 1 Blog

​Another week of lessons done - the days are flying by now. If you had asked me a month ago how I felt about zoom teaching, I would have said unsure, apprehensive and totally overwhelmed! However, 3 weeks on and it feels oddly normal to be logging on to zoom to teach those at home several times a day. The lovely year 1 children and parents have been incredibly supportive and your enthusiasm for continuing your learning even though you are at home has been such a pleasure to see. You contribute to lessons and share your ideas just as you would at school and I am very proud of you.

We have been 'thinking outside the box' this week with some of our Maths challenges and getting creative when the only instruction for their task one afternoon was 'create a rainbow'. Your resourcefulness amazed me. They also had a challenge to see if they could find the right conditions and angle (through trial and error) to make a rainbow using only a garden hose. They didn't disappoint.

I also had the pleasure of teaching a whole school sign language lesson this week. I love seeing children learning to sign and you all tried so hard. It was great to see some parents joining in too. Keep practising, because we are going to arrange a time next week to record a whole school performance. Everything you need is in your google classroom documents.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe,

Mrs Whelan

Work displayed from Rohan, Kasim and Rayaan

Year 2 Blog

This week we’ve continued to explore our topic ‘Scented Garden’, year 2 have shown such enthusiasm for this topic with many of them sharing their gardens and what they’ve been growing. It has been wonderful to see so many of you engrossed in this topic, especially as gardening is one of my favourite things to do too. I just love plants and making gardens look pretty with bright colours and beautiful flowers. You are all doing a splendid job of sharing your knowledge in different ways and have shown such great artistic skills when drawing your flowers carefully. We’ve got some keen gardeners in this year group!

We’re starting to get to the exciting parts in ‘The Folk of the Faraway Tree’ now and the children are always thinking of ways the characters can improve their behaviour, they have shown super listening skills and been a credit to school showing respectable behaviour during our zoom sessions. Each day we read for a few minutes during the afternoon, take time to relax and enjoy the story and even though I’ve read it before it’s even more enjoyable, especially seeing some of the excited faces that the children pull when they hear what happens.

In literacy this week we’ve started a new topic and so far we’ve read two quest stories. We’ve compared them and made some excellent observations about what we’ve noticed whilst re-reading them. The children have shared their own experiences of reading or watching programmes that involve quests which I think is going to be just perfect when it comes to writing our own next week. Watch this space!

Year 2, each week you make me incredibly proud, you’re showing such great willingness to learn and are happy to adapt easily. You really are doing a wonderful job, keep it up!

Miss Rankin

Year 3 Blog

Another fantastic week for Year 3 who have been learning about the key differences between Ancient Athens and Sparta.

FACT: Did you know that had they lived in Ancient Sparta they would have started their full time training to be fierce soldiers rather than Year 3 at the Shrubbery? Needless to say, most agreed that that they would rather have grown up in Ancient Athens than Sparta! They have also learnt the origins of the Marathon and pretended to be journalists reporting the events from Ancient Greece! Well done for your hard work Year 3 superstars!

Mrs Rao

Year 4 Form Time

Year 4.docx

Year 4 Topic

The children were writing letters to the royal council after the death of Edward the Confessor, each claiming why they should be king of England. We also had a mini debate. I am really pleased with everyone's work, included is work from Haadi, Ibrahim, Sophia and Zara.

Also we have made posters for electrical safety, so if you look in the work for Electrical Circuits topic - Fri 19th June Electrical Safety , included is work from Emily, Yashvi and Oliver

Mrs Hodgetts

Oli ver.pdf

Year 4 Book Review

Anna - Book Review.docx

by Anna

Year 4 Blog

Oliver Blog.pdf

by Oliver

Year 6 Blog

by Isobel

Isobel - Y6 Blog.docx

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